• Precise temperature control down to -35 C
  • Forced-air cooling for uniform cabinet-wide temperatures
  • Quick recovery after door opening
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Intuitive user interface includes security features of continuous temperature monitoring, information logs and a full suite of alarms
  • A voluntary standard developed to define construction and performance standards for vaccine storage refrigerators
    and freezers
  • Developed by the NSF/ANSI Joint Committee consisting of CDC, NIST, healthcare providers, vaccine suppliers and equipment manufacturers 
  • Ensures the safety and efficacy of each vaccine dose
  • Follett refrigerators and freezers will meet this robust standard, and third-party testing for certification is in process
  • Self-closing dual-pane glass doors have full-length ADA-compliant handles
  • Laser cut holes in the refrigerator allow the locking device to be bolted to the side of the refrigerator for improved durability
  • Installation can be performed in less than 15 minutes, and the unit is ready for service immediately


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