Ultra-low temperature and cryogenic freezers

  • Performance, reliability and energy efficiency to secure your most valuable biological samples
  • Natural refrigerants minimize environmental impact without jeopardizing ultra-low temperature freezer performance
  • Ideal for new or replacement installations requiring a 115V or 220V connection
  • Cryogenic (-150° C) freezer offers air-phase cryogenic storage without the need for liquid nitrogen as the primary cooling medium
  • Hybrid autocascade refrigeration system delivers superior uniformity at cryogenic temperatures without stratification
  • Patented VIP Plus cabinet insulation technology dramatically reduces cabinet wall thickness, allowing for higher capacity storage in a smaller footprint.


-86°C Ultra-low temperature VIP ECO upright freezer – 18.6 cu ft capacity
-86°C Ultra-low temperature VIP ECO upright freezer – 25.7 cu ft capacity
-86 C Ultra-Low Temperature VIP ECO Upright Freezer - 29.8 cu ft capacity
-150 C Cryogenic Chest Freezer - 8.2 cu ft capacity
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