• Uniformly shaped pieces of chewable compressed nugget ice are higher in quality than other nugget ice and more reliably dispensed

  • Recent surveys show that over 70% of consumers prefer Chewblet ice

  • Attract teen and young adult customers to build lifelong relationships

  • We help you deliver fresher, more sanitary ice to your customers

  • Horizon Elite ice machines are fast and easy to clean, requiring only half the cleaning time of other ice machines.

  • Choose RIDE (Remote ice delivery equipment) for sanitary delivery of ice up to 75 feet. Relocating the ice machine from on top of a dispenser provides full access to ice storage for sanitizing without expensive ice machine removal

  • Eliminate the need for scooping and the risks associated with human contact with ice 

  • Dedicated totes and carts that aren't used for other purposes in your facility can be easily filled and wheeled to their destination

  • Reduced worker contact means safer, more sanitary ice

  • See it work


  • 3 easy steps, all in less than an hour

  • Simple enough to be performed by in-house personnel

  • No need for costly bearing inspection or replacement


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