• Surveys show that over 70% of consumers prefer Chewblet ice

  • Attract teen and young adult consumers for life-long relationships

  • Savor the flavor after the drink is gone with Chewblet ice

  • Boost high-margin revenue with iced coffee

  • Chewblet ice matches performance of cube ice in melt rate and performance

  • Dedicated ice dispenser improves store flow and increases sales

  • Automatic self flushing keeps machine in top running condition

  • Push button cleaning cuts cleaning and sanitizing time in half

  • Advanced auger design reduces operating loads by 80% for long machine life

  • Eliminates the need for periodic bearing inspection or replacement

  • See it work

  • 3 easy steps, all in less than an hour

  • Simple enough to be performed by in-house personnel

  • No need for costly bearing inspection or replacement


  • Save $1000 per year if you sell 250 8 lb bags per week

  • Costs about 25¢ per bag to make

  • See it work


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